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Welcome to VMYoga,

Yoga is an ancient system of philosophy. The physical aspect of
yoga, which most people are familiar with, involves practising a
sequence of poses which develop strength and stamina.  Improved
posture, flexibility and a more relaxed frame of mind are renowned
benefits of practising yoga. 

I teach Iyengar yoga.  Iyengar yoga is a slow yet demanding set of
postures which focus on alignment of the body and extension of the
spine and limbs.  Recent research suggested that yoga can help
significantly with lower back pain, and it is also believed to reduce
symptoms of other common disorders such as pms and stress. Yoga
is equally benefical to both men and women, young and old.

My classes are based on the outskirts of Bradford around the Thornton
area. Please browse my website, and feel free to contact me for any
further information.
"Veronica's classes are great fun
and I feel fresh as a daisy afterwards"
Mrs Bendi
"Yoga is the art which brings an
incoherent and scattered mind to
a reflective and coherent state"

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